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søndag 28. april 2013

Updated Europe Analysis

The updated Europe analysis shows much the same as before. The addition of Germans, Danes and Poles appears to fill out more of the gaps in the PCA plots. The addition of  Greek and Albanian have also made a small group in the PCA that seem to place the Balkans on the PCA map in the vicinity of the Romanians and Bulgarians.

In this run the Scandinavians do not switch between east and west branch when comparing the CC and CL runs as in the World Analysis. They do however branch out at the highest level of the Western European tree likely due to Saami or/and Finnish like influence as seen on the heatmaps, on the other hand we can see that of the European populations the Germans including diaspora individuals of part German ancestry are the Scandinavians closest relative in continental Europe.

Its also interesting to see that according to the color scale that the Scandinavians cluster and the German cluster appears to have very little asymmetry between them suggesting that there is a close geneology between them. The asymmetry vs the Saami and Finns however appears to be less obvious (meaning greater) except for individuals of mixed Scandinavian and Saami/Finn background. Here

The asymmetry occurs because Scandinavians find their closest haplotype neighbours among Saamis and Finns, but Saami and Finns finds to less extent their closest haplotype neighbor among Scandinavians but between themself. This do not appear to be the case Scandinavisn vs Germans where both find their closest haplotypes to the same extent between each other.

Saamis and Finns form on both CC and CL their own branch separating them from both the western and eastern european branches. On the CL heatmap Finns and Saamis closest relatives appears to be the Vologda Russians.  The asymmetry do not seem to be great and what makes the Vologda Russians branch out earliest of the East-European branch.

CL Euro Aggregated

CL Euro Raw

CL Euro PCA D1-D2

CC Euro Aggregated

CC Euro Raw

CC Euro PCA D1-D2

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