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tirsdag 5. februar 2013

Updated Europe analysis

New updated Europe regional analysis. I have removed the Orcadians as they give odd clusterings in the PCA because of relatedness, but one British group who have in earlier analysis clustered with them work fine as stand-ins. In the regional analysis more substructure is revealed. Caucasus not included.

As we can see for the Fennoscandians much is as before, but the addition of more continental Europeans have revealed more structure. We see that the 2 new Germans have clustered the dispora individuals Ux who have at least partly German and English ancestry into one group close to one group of the British, also containing a few French and one British.

The 1 new Austrian appears to cluster closest with the Romanians. We see 3 of the 4 new Polish cluster with the Ukrainians and Belorussian cluster while the last cluster with the Lithuanians. Most of the new Russians appears to cluster together with the 2 Estonians already in the project. However note the Estonians appears to pull away from the Russian cluster on the main PCA D1-D2 plot.

CC Europe Aggregated
CC Euro Populations

CC Euro Raw

(PCA plots in order D1-Dx+)

fredag 1. februar 2013

Updated World Analysis

This time I reduced the samplesize for Basque, Sardinians, Italians, Bulargians and Spanish to one each because of capacity problems as I would like to limited the analysis process to two threads to reduce the work with adding and formatting input filer, however they didnt cluster to their own as I expected like with the more distant populations. At the same time I increased the number of individuals to geographic closer population to make sure sample size is large enough to give good phasing.

The new thing this time is that we have have new samples from Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia. In the world analysis as said before its more difficult to differentiate similar European populations but also small sample sizes play a role her as Spanish, Iberian, Italians and French Basque didnt seperate into seperate clusters as in the previous analysis. This analysis will be presented in the next post.

Note that Romanian7 and Romanian3 appears to be Rom people as they cluster partly with different tribes in Pakistan.

CC World Aggregated

 CC World Raw

CL World Aggregated

CL World Raw