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tirsdag 8. januar 2013

Oceania influence in East-Asians

This is offtopic regarding the project goals but its so interesting I have to make a post about it. It appeared already in my first analysis including East-Asians, Siberians and Native Americans that these had increased sharing with my Sub-Sahara African individuals than many Europeans and therefore shared branch. I suspected then it may have something to do with Oceania like Papuans and Melanasians. In the most recent Chromopainter/Finestructure run it appears to confirm this.

Here we see first of all that the closest relatives to the cluster of Pygmy, San and a Bantu from Kenya outside Africa are a Papuan and a Melanasian. Then secondly to a Cambodian and a Panyian. This influence is also to a weaker extent seen in a clustered groups from Pakistan through i India to Malaysia.

However we can also see that among that the East-Asians in particular the populations from or close to China all have the highest level of sharing with the Africans, then to a weaker extent Siberian groups and at weakest with the Native Americans. This pattern is also seen vs the Papuan and Melanasian but to much stronger extent.

This pattern probably show that this Oceanic must be the influence of ancient migration as its even shows among all the Native Americans and is also shared between San, Pygmys and Papuan and Melanasian.

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