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tirsdag 15. oktober 2013

Digging deeper in Fennoscandian ancestry II

This is a continuation of the previous analysis (not a new analysis run!) and this time we look at the analysis possibilities of differentiating Scandinavians (Swedes, Norwegians, Danes). This time all individuals who shows considerable Saami (both North-Saami like or South-Saami like) or Finnish admixture in the previous analysis was removed from further analysis to keep any outside influence reduced to a minimum and lumped into the "other" group containing the rest of the world.

The data was run through Finestructures clustering processing but it was unable to differentiate the remaining Scandinavians meaning it appeared by the software to be one population. However in the PCA plot it was possible to infer structure. As we so in the previous analysis the first two dimensions of the PCA plot appears to reflect level of external influences in Scandinavians. In both dimensions the Norwegians clustered in the upper left corner closest to the "others" while Swedes clustered in much of the lower right corner but with a huge spread over large part of the plot. The single Danish individual appear to cluster with the Norwegians.

PCA dimension 1(horizontal) and 2 (vertical)

Dimension 3 on the other hand appears to be internal between Norwegians and Swedes, below together with dimension 2 and seem to give a better clustering. The Danish individual still in the Norwegian cluster but closer to the Swedes.

PCA dimension 2(H) and 3 (V)

So the Chromopainter-Finestructure pipeline appears to be able to differentiate Norwegian and Swedish ancestry even only using 289k SNP's. The division isnt entirely clear cut but there have been populations movement between these countries for many centuries so the classification labels may not be entirely correct and some individuals also have mixed backgrounds.

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  1. Hi Anders,
    From what we can see with some calculators, as Eurogenes, there are two main components in Scandinavian Fennoscandian and North Sea.
    Can we say, based on current knowledge of DNA results, if the percentage of Fennoscandian in the end of the first millenium( in Vikings period), was higher among Norwegians, Danish, Swedish, as is the case today in Finland
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Do you mean to say that Fennoscandian = Viking?

      What do you folks think about what might be the origin of Finns? I read about a Y chromosome study saying basically that Eastern Finns are the purest form of Finns while Western Finns have varying degrees of Swedish admixture and that this admixture was likely from a small group of Swedish men. Well, I'm sure that those Vikings really liked to rape and pillage.

    2. East-Finns for sure do seem to be most distant from Skandinavians of Finns. However why its like that I am not sure, but East-Finns do at the same time appear to have an higher affiliation with the North-Saami than the West-Finns. In the previous post I also see that some Finns pull toward the South-Saamis.

    3. Western Finns are the purest Finns, founding fathers.
      They came from Western Estonia, Saarenmaa, Hiidenmaa, Gotland, Courland etc.
      Trade emporium turned settlement, Sami are part language shifters part mixed paleos, so Estonians where the majority moving in.
      Eastern Finns did not even exist as a population at the time, case closed.

    4. Eastern Finns are a mix of Western Finns, Karelians, Sami and anyone you can think from the Volga routes.
      Western Finns expanded to Ladoga during the Viking Age, trade is the key, follow the money.

    5. This river is the key to Finland, most of the Iron Age settlements are connected to it via waterways. 2/3 of Finns still live close to its tributary rivers and lakes, they where all navigable with large boats.
      Finns expanded up the Bothnian Bay and to Ladoga but this is the point of origin for permanent settlement.

  2. I have not compared the project results in any systematic way to any calculators except the MDLP K5 and then only vs a Saami individual. So I cant say anything for sure in that matter..

  3. thank you for your quick response

  4. @ISuvi-Tuuli Allan
    I don't know if your comment is for me Suvi
    First of all excuse me for my english.
    I am not scandinavian. I don't mean Fennoscandian= Viking
    I am not really interested in the Viking period, but I am norman (From Normandy)
    and as norman, I am related to the Scandinavia through them.
    I only try to see the percentage of this ancestry through the DNa results.
    And the fennoscandian seems to me the component, the most interesting in this case, to find the answer to this question.

  5. Anders, regarding the relationship between Fi14 i.e. myself and Sa1 who, according to Heat Map, seems to be the ( only?) Saami I'm related with, is there in the analysis something which would prevent this Saami from not having Eastern Finnish ancestors? In other words, if there's correlation, which way the causality goes?

  6. FI14. Not as I know. It could be possible to determine what this block belong to by analyzing isolated vs all others to see where the variation puts it on a heatmap and on the PCA but this of course would require some work...

  7. O.K., many thanks for the comment, Anders. So, it might be possible that this particular Saami fellow indeed has Eastern Finnish ancestors, instead of me having Saami ancestors ( which I most probably anyways have).