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torsdag 31. mars 2011

The Fennoscandia Project blog

The Fennoscandia Biographic's Project's goal is the map the genetic relationship and origin of the current populations in Fennoscandia: The Norwegians, Swedes, Finns and the Saami.

The project was first announced on Rootsweb in 6th October 2010. The analysis and results have until now mainly been communicated trough Rootsweb-DNA postings and email correspondance. It currently has 41 members from the above mentioned countries and etnicites.

The analysis tools used so far have been genetic software like ADMIXTURE, PLINK's MDS plots and genetic similarity but other analytical tools will be applied at a later stage like IBD (Identity-By-Descent) estimation between individuals and origins on a chromosomal levels. Other analytical tools may be applied.

The project have a time limitation but is still open for participants of close to 100% Fennoscandian origin. Individuals of mixed Norwegian, Swedish, Finn or Saami origin are acceptable. Individuals of only partly Fennoscandian origins are not accepted in this project neiter is people of non-Fennoscandian origin.

If you fullfill the above requirement, have tested with 23andme, FamilyFinder or deCODEme and would like to participate please send your genome file in zipped form by email to tjaaehkere at yahoo no.

Please read the original Rootsweb-DNA posting for more details regarding the conditions for participating the project.

If any more questions or want to participate send email or email with your DNA file to:

tjaaehkere at (replace at with @)

This is the inital Rootsweb-DNA posting.

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  1. Do you accept Ukrainians and Belorusians also? If so, please add them to your list of "welcome" and my friends and I will give you samples. Djakuju!

  2. When you say "Balkanians", are you including Greeks?

  3. I guess this guy never reads the comments or queries.

  4. and the Burgundians from France ? ^_^