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tirsdag 29. januar 2013

Updated local Fennoscandian analysis

New individuals added. We see much the same structure as seen before. However we see two Finns who share recent Saami ancesty groups together. We can as before differentiate between different influences between the different groups. The main sources is from Scandinavians, Finns and what appear to be two different kind of Saamis, North-Saami group and a South-Saami group. The South-Saami seems to diivide Swedes with ancestry from Dalarna and northwards out of the main Scandinavian cluster in different grades. Also Swedes with partly Finnish ancestry pull towards Finns. Finns again have different grades of sharing with Scandinavians.

ChunkCounts Aggregated Populations

 ChunkCounts Aggregated PCA 

 ChunkCounts Aggregated Individuals 

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ChunkCounts PCA Individuls

 ChunkLenght Aggregated Populations 

  ChunkLenght Aggregated PCA  

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