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tirsdag 23. april 2013

Updated local Fennoscandian analysis

New individuals added included a Danish who appears to cluster with Scandinavians. This time BEAGLE was not run with default settings but with settings to increase phasing accuracy and this seem to have changed clustering for some individuals like FI2 who now appears to cluster with Finns who appears to have part Saami minority ancestry. We can as before differentiate between the different groups. The images below is in full size at the source and may be seen by right clicking your mouse and then select "open image" (works in Windows 7 and 8) or downloaded by saving link.

CL Aggregated

CL Raw

CL Individual PCA

CC Aggregated

CC Raw

CC PCA Individual

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  1. World analysis will hopefully be online today, when all analysis is completed it will be sendt by email to all participants.