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onsdag 24. april 2013

Updated World Analysis

The updated world analysis shows much the same as before. The tree structure is different for the number of chunk counts shared (CC) and an total chunk length shared (CL). In the latter Scandinavians CL clusters with the western European populations but in the former Scandinavians CC cluster with eastern populations.

The heatmaps for both these measures appears to show somewhat equal relationship to western and eastern populations suggesting that Scandinavians are intermediate between these two major branches in addition to have more Caucasus and Middle-East ancestry than Finns and Saami. In addition Saami and Finns appears to show relationship to Vologda Russians and Russians that Scandinavians have less of. The relationship to Lithuanians appears to be closer to Scandinavians than Finns and Saamis in general.

CL Aggregated

CL Raw

CC Aggregated

CC Raw

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