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onsdag 1. august 2012

MDS Update 85 individuals

Its time for a new MDS update.

We see much the same structure in the two first dimensions D1-D2 as in earlier analysis. The X or horizontal axis D1 shows south-west Europe at the far left. The variance then as we go further right into two branches on the Y-asis or D2 where the upper branch contains continental European populations while the Scandinavians, Finns and the Saamis form the lower branch. At the edge of the continental branch we find the Chuvashes while on the edge of the lower branch we find the Saamis and Finns.

The second plot shows D1-D3. Here we see on the vertical D3 Lithuanians on the top and the Italians and the Chuvash at the bottom. Finns and Scandinavians appears to cluster abit over the middle while the Saamis appears to cluster abit lower than the middle at the same levels as French, Romanians and Italians.

Third plot D2-D3 is a combination of D2 and D3 explained above.

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