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fredag 25. november 2011

Fennoscandia BGA regional MDS update (2nd update)

We got 5 new project members since last update. SWE17, SWE18, SWE19. FI12 and FI13. The interpretations are much the same as given in earlier posts. We can see that SWE14 and SWE17 are outside the main Scandinavian cluster pulling toward the eastern European populations. SWE19 appears to cluster well into the Scandinavain cluster. Interesting that FI12 a southern Finn appears close to the Estonian ES1 halfway towards the Vologda Russians and the Belorussians. FI13 have ancestry from Savo and cluster in the Karelian cluster.  

We also see some slight movements of others after adding more individuals. This is normal as adding more individuals influence the positioning of all other individuals especially the closer ones to new added individuals.

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