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tirsdag 22. november 2011

Fennoscandian Mutation Sharing Matrix

All participants have received the Mutation Sharing Matrix of currently known unique haplotype mutations map for Fennoscandia shared with two or more individuals. These mutations is currently only known in Fennoscandia.

Its highly recommended to use Excel 2007 or later when using. Enclosed Excel 2007 and Excel 2003 versions.

X-axis - Individuals
Y-axis - Clusters

How to use:

1. Find your code at the top.
2. Hit the filter and choose "1".
3. You now have a overview over at what cluster and to what other individuals you share mutations with.
4. To the far right is a indicative distribution of the cluster etnical distribution. Please use with extreme caution in regards to interpretation.

Other things:

* Individuals of known partly Saami ancestry is indicated with blue colour.
* Individuals of known partly Saami ancestry is labeled as Norwegians and Swedes.
* Interpretation of mutation patterns must be done with extreme caution. There are many possible problems like etnical categorisations for haplotypes that is also shared outside ethical boundaries but within geographical boundaries. The mutation could be "native" but also arrived trough later migration.
* Widespread distributions may indicate higher age for the mutation cluster or it may indicate a common immigrant who hit the genetic jackpot.

If you have not received the sheets please contact me on email.


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